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7 Interesting Things To Know Before You Visit Dhigurah In The Maldives

Did my last post or photos on Instagram spark your interest in booking a trip to visit Dhigurah in the Maldives? If so, then this post is for you. I’ve put together a list of some of the interesting things about the island that are useful to know before you plan your visit to this small island paradise. 

7 Interesting Things to Know Before You Visit Dhigurah in the MaldivesIf you are planning to visit Dhigurah check out this post full of interesting information you need to know before you go.

It’s home to many bats

That’s right – bats! As you walk around the island just look up and it’s easy to find bats resting upside down in the trees. I even saw some bats hanging out, upside down with a baby on their chest. Talk about mum skills! You’ll see them flying around too and, although they creep me out, they did add to the character of the island.Visit Dhigurah

There is a dress code

The Maldives is a Muslim country and as such it’s appropriate to follow a modest dress code when you are walking around town and cover yourself from shoulders to knees. I wore long maxi dresses with sleeves and for the dresses I had without sleeves, I just wore a light jacket. For men, wear a t-shirt and shorts to the knee like board shorts. When it comes to swimwear, I stayed at Boutique Beach which had a bikini appropriate beach directly in front of the hotel and lounge chairs for tanning on the roof. (You can read more about the dress code in this post).

Alcohol is prohibited on the island

If you’re planning to visit Dhigurah, it’s important to know that it’s an alcohol free island. Like I said I stayed at Boutique Beach which is an all inclusive hotel. There was a fridge in the hotel full of bottled water and soft drinks that we could access 24/7 and each meal came with a different, and delicious, non-alcoholic drink. Fresh fruit juices were served at breakfast and lunch and mocktail style drinks were served at dinner.Boutique Beach

You need a transfer to get there

As with getting to the other islands of the Maldives, after landing in Male you will need to take a transfer to get to the island of Dhigurah and you can choose between plane or speedboat. I took the speedboat on the way to the island and plane on the way back and I preferred the speedboat. When you book your accommodation they will be able to assist you in arranging the transfer.

It’s a great place to spot Whale Sharks

Dhigurah is a great home base if you want to spot Whale Sharks because it’s one of the best places for year round Whale Shark spotting. The hotel I stayed in was a diving focused hotel which offered daily scuba diving and snorkeling excursions to swim with these giants of the sea. There’s so much more wildlife to see than just Whale Sharks though. You can also book an excursion to swim with another giant of the sea, Manta Rays, and even just snorkeling the reef you are likely to see Turtles, Reef Sharks, Eels, Eagle Rays and lots of fish.Visit Dhigurah

It’s got a gorgeous sandbar

One of my favorite things to do was to walk around the island, and one day I walked all the way to the end (it only takes about an hour) to the gorgeous sandbar. The sandbar stretches so long that it feels like you are completely alone in the world. It was a nice place to relax at the end of the day and enjoy the picturesque area. I even saw a cute, baby reef shark swimming by in the shallows which was cool.

The narrow island is perfect for sunrise and sunset

When you visit Dhigurah you will notice that it is a very long and narrow island. You can be standing on the edge of one side of the island and turn around to see the beach on the opposite side which blew my mind every time I looked down a street. This makes it perfect for sunrise and sunset watching because you get great views of both. The rooftop of Boutique Beach was a perfect spot for gazing at the sunset and in the mornings you can simply face the opposite side for sunrise views.Visit Dhigurah

It’s simple, Dhigurah is truly a beautiful island to visit. The beaches, the wildlife, the people, the food, the nature – everything is just beautiful. Personally, I loved that on Dhigurah I was able to experience a more authentic Maldivian holiday and enjoyed learning about the culture each day from the locals. I’ve said this before, but no trip to the Maldives is complete without a visit to Dhigurah.

Check out my full video of Dhigurah on YouTube here

This post was written in partnership with Boutique Beach. I never recommend something I don’t love – see my disclaimer for more information.


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