About Me

About Me

Hi, I am Katie and welcome to my show!

I am an Australian expat who is clumsy, free spirited, nature loving, pro wrestling fanatic and has an unfortunate knack for being socially awkward. Like when you go to buy a movie ticket and they say “enjoy the movie”… and you respond with “you too… oh sorry you’re working”

Yep, that’s me!

I am literally nothing special.

I’m just an ordinary person who loves the travel experience.

Exploring new places, tasting different food, supporting local businesses and meeting new people are things I am very passionate about and this blog is a place where I can share all of that with my Internet friends. I’m not here to tell you to quit your job and travel the world. Far from it. I’m just here to promote travel experiences around the world.

Extraordinary travel experiences for the ordinary person.

It is here that I can share local businesses that help to create memorable travel experiences, must see places and tips I learn during my travels (so that you don’t make my mistakes!) I want to share the beauty of getting out of your comfort zone, away from your routine and experiencing new things because the world definitely has a lot to offer.

My hope is and always has been to inspire others to get out and see the beauty of the world, even if it is in your own backyard.

After all, if I can do it then you can sure AF do it better.

So get comfortable, pour yourself a beverage and start getting inspired by the blog posts here. I truly hope they can help to give you some ideas for your own travels.

Lastly, don’t be shy. I’d love to connect with you so head over to the contact page to find out how to introduce yourself.

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