Things to do in Bath

Things To Do In Bath: Don’t Miss These Highlights Of England’s Georgian Gem

If you are looking for things to do in Bath, then look no further because today I’m sharing 10 of the best things to do in the beautiful, Georgian city. Everything on the list is foot friendly, so if you’re not renting a car (which I don’t recommend because there’s really no need to in Bath and the parking situation isn’t good either), then rest easy because you can walk to all of these. Side note, Stonehenge is 2 hours away but you can walk to the train station from the center of town. I visited Bath by myself and stayed at the Halcyon Apartments which was a perfect location because it was only a 10 minute walk from the center of town and all the main sights so it was perfect for me as a solo female traveler. It also helped me to save money by not needing taxis to get around. I hope you enjoy this list and find it useful for your trip planning and if you enjoy the post please remember to support my work by offering a like, share or simply leaving me a comment to let me know. 

Things to do in Bath: Don’t Miss These Highlights of England’s Georgian Gem

If you are looking for things to do in Bath, then look no further than this complete guide of things to do in the beautiful, Georgian city.

Journey Back in Time at The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths has to be one of the most popular sights in Bath and it was certainly one of my favorites too. But with the popularity comes a crowd so make sure you get here early ready to walk in as the doors open and pick up a free audio tour as you walk in. The self guided tour will take you up top to view the baths from above first, then take you down through a very informative, interesting and well put together museum before bringing you out to walk around the bath itself. Along the way you can learn all about the use of the baths, the early steam rooms and cold rooms, the goddess Minerva and you can also view a lot of ancient artifacts that have been recovered over time. The water is green and not suitable for swimming in anymore – though keep reading to the end for a way you can take a mineral bath like the Romans during your visit. There’s so many interesting facts to learn, and more than I could possibly fit into this post, but it’s definitely well worth a visit and will take you about 2 hours to get through it all.

Things to do in Bath

Things to do in Bath

Escape a Panic Room at Bath Escape

I didn’t actually experience Bath Escape because when I didn’t pre-book and when I arrived the only room available was a little expensive for my budget, but I wanted to share it in case it sounded interesting to others. It seems like a lot of fun and Bath Escape offers something a little different to your regular sightseeing days. Here you can enter yourself in a panic room situation where you have to use your problem solving skills to solve the mysteries that lead you to your escape. They offer a choice of rooms and tours ranging in price from 59 to 85 Pounds so check out their website to learn more about each option. I’d also recommend booking this in advance so you can secure the room option that you prefer (learn from my silly mistakes!)

Check Out The Famous Stonehenge

Stonehenge isn’t located in Bath, but with the many public transport options it is easily accessible and makes for a nice day trip. There are many tours available including the Stonehenge Express tour which will get you there and back with half day and full day options. I took the train from Bath Spa station to Salisbury then jumped on the Stonehenge bus which picks you up from outside the Salisbury station. The bus is fitted with headphones and offers a commentary filled with interesting history about the areas you travel through which was a nice bonus. I spent about 2 hours here and I spent a lot of time sifting through the crowd to take a million photos for the blog so I can’t imagine needing much more time than that. There’s a lot to learn and the self guided audio tour does a great job of giving you lots of interesting information in short intervals so it doesn’t get too overwhelming. If you prefer, you can also download the audio to your phone and there is wi-fi in the visitor center to download. The bus runs frequently and on the way back you can stop at Old Sarum castle and Salisbury Cathedral (if you got the ticket with the Stonehenge entrance included then your entrance to these sights is also included).

Things to do in Bath

Things to do in Bath


Experience a Rugby Game

You will need to check out the schedules to see if this will line up with your visit but if you get the chance, check out a local rugby game. While I was visiting I saw people walking around in football jerseys and I figured there was a game on. As I was wandering around town I ended up at the stadium and didn’t get a ticket (I thought I could come back after I was finished what I was doing and see the game from halfway through). I was so wrong and all of the booths were closed up when I went back and the game had started so I couldn’t get a ticket and ended up watching the game from a small hill outside the stadium! If you get the chance, and again don’t make my mistakes, and get yourself a ticket to be able to experience a rugby game because it sounded like a tonne of fun in there.

Explore Around The Pulteney Bridge

The Pulteney Bridge is one of the more interesting bridges out there and the surrounding area is a really pretty spot to walk around in. Before you cross the bridge you can relax in the Parade Gardens then after you cross the bridge you will see a staircase to take you down to the riverside walk where you can walk along the pretty river and soak in the sights. There are also inexpensive boat tours that run regularly if you prefer and they pick you up from bottom of the stairs. If you’ve worked up an appetite on your riverside walk then you have an array of cafes and pubs to choose from.

Things to do in Bath

Enjoy a Proper Afternoon Tea

This is just one of those things that you have to do while visiting England and Bath is a perfect place to tick it off your list. I tried as many as I could and, though they were all delicious, my personal favorite was at The Pump Room next to the Roman Baths. I even went there twice because it was so good! Plated tiers of fresh scones, sandwiches, savory snacks, cakes are accompanied by a pot of tea and served to the classical sound of a piano playing on the stage at one end of the room. The setting is classy, welcoming and encourages the slow enjoyment of your afternoon tea. No booking is required but be prepared to wait if you are visiting at a busy time.

Take a Tower Tour at Bath Abbey

Towering beside the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey is a large and historic church which commands your attention as you walk by. For a donation of your choosing (2 Pounds per person was recommended) you can go inside and look around at the many memorials and glass stained windows or simply sit on one of the many pews and reflect. The church runs regular services which you can attend (visit their website to view the up to date schedule). If you would like to see a little more, I would recommend doing a guided Tower Tour. For 6 Pounds you can climb a spiral staircase made up of 212 stairs and stand at the very top of the building. You also get to stop and various spots along the way like the room that holds all of the ginormous bells (my favorite) and the area behind the clock face.

Things to do in Bath

Things to do in Bath

See The Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent is a pleasant 15 minute walk from the Roman Baths and is quite the sight to see. This giant curved row of houses is an iconic sight built in the 1700’s and I promise it is much bigger and more curved than it looks in the photos. It’s situated directly across from a large, grassy park so it would be the perfect spot for a picnic after you are finished taking photos – or should I say trying to fit the whole crescent into one photo! It’s not something that is going to take up a lot of time from your day, but if you’re looking for things to do in Bath then it’s certainly something worth adding into your ‘to-see list’.

Things to do in Bath

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

I’m adding this one to the post because it is on my dream list for the next time I visit. Once you visit Bath you will see all of the birds flying around (and hopefully not pooping on you like they did to me!), then if you take a hot air balloon tour you will be able to appreciate the city from their view. And what better way to get a good look at the city than from the air? Bath Balloons runs hot air balloon tours in the morning and evening from March to October offering incredible views of the city and surrounding countryside.

Relax at Thermae Bath Spa

I have to admit that I underestimated just how impressive this place was after I looked at the website, but I was completely blown away during my time there which is why I’m pleased to share it here. To put it simply, it is a MUST DO. I visited as the doors opened at 9am and went straight upstairs to the naturally heated rooftop pool. As I gazed out at the views of the city, including an impressive view of Bath Abbey, the sun began to warm up my face and the bubble jets massaged my body. It was such a relaxing way to start the day that I ended up staying in there for 40 minutes! With the basic Thermae Welcome package you can also experience the brand new Wellness Suite which took the experience to a whole new level. In the Wellness Suite you can experience an infrared sauna, two different (and opulently designed) steam rooms, an ice exfoliation in the ice chamber and finish it all off with a little zen time in the space themed relaxation room, moving between the rooms at your own pace. There’s so many different services at Thermae Bath Spa so check out their website to find what you prefer. I visited for 2 hours but I could’ve easily done 3 (and would start with that next time I visit).

The reason I kept this one to last on the list is because I think it’s the perfect way to end your visit to Bath. Not only because your body will be nicely relaxed for your travel home (which always makes the travel journey nicer), but also because each room has been designed with a nod to the history of Bath in the details which you will be able to appreciate more at the end of the trip.

Things to do in Bath

Things to do in Bath

Things to do in Bath

Roman Steam Room photo courtesy of Thermae Bath Spa

If you’re interested in seeing more, check out the YouTube video of the highlights of my trip here.

This post was written in partnership with the Roman Baths and Thermae Bath Spa. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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  • Marcia Sousa May 10, 2017 at 10:17 pm

    Hi Katie! That’s a nice compilation of things to do in Bath. I spent the Easter weekend in Bath last month, and it was actually even more interesting than I thought it’d be! I’ve been reading a lot about the city lately since I was writing a post myself. That’s how I found your blog (through VisitBath’s twitter account). I did a few different things during my weekend there, I went for a walk alongside the river and found Kennet & Avon Canal which I didn’t know about. And even got to learn about canal locks. Bath Deep Lock is actually the second deepest lock in the country. You can read my post about it here if you’d like to.
    Lots to learn about in this small beautiful city!


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