1. What a lovely article, Katie! I could feel the specialness of this vacation through your writing! It’s a motivating piece! I love it! Now I am actually thinking: Damn, why am I sitting in Bali and not in a jacuzzi while auroras are dancing over my head?! But there is a winter every year, right? So next year I should spend some time in the coldness 😉

  2. We have been wanting to see the northern lights but haven’t realistically thought it was possible in this year or next! I love how you’ve found a more affordable way to enjoy the northern lights! That cabin looks perfect, especially in a wintery place like this! I am saving this for when we plan our adventures in this region!

    • Katie Mac

      Definitely more affordable than others ways I had looked into it, at first I looked into the main cities and tours but this airbnb turned out much better – cheaper and allowing lots of freedom to see the lights each night. I hope it helps for your trip planning.

    • Katie Mac

      Very easy to book through the airbnb site – the link is in the post which has the cost per night depending on the time you plan to book and all the rest of the details.

  3. This would be such an awesome vacation. I lived in Norway for a few months and am sad to say I did not get to see the Northern Lights when I was there. I would definitely hang out in the outdoor jacuzzi and watch the Northern Lights all night long. Well, until my body said it is time to get out of the hot bubbly water:)

  4. A cabin in the woods wounds like a perfect way to spot the Northern Lights! I love that the cabin has a fire pit and a hot tub! Sounds like you got to check out the gorgeous Northern Lights in style! I’m hoping to catch a look at them in February when I visit Iceland! Cheers!

  5. Wow seeing the northern lights is very high on my bucket list and this cabin looked so cute and quaint! I would love to hang out in the hot tub too!

  6. It would be great to know an approximate budget for this – what did you spend? I have the impression a trip here is super expensive so I hope I am proven wrong which means I might be able to afford it!! Seeing the northern lights is definitely on my bucket list, I will get there one day!!

    • Katie Mac

      There are links to the airbnb listing in to post where you can see the cost per night depending on when you plan to book your trip. I went to the supermarket and bought a bunch of basic meat, potatoes, hot chocolate type foods to eat which saved money too. Overall not an expensive trip and I hope you get to see the lights!

  7. I’ve been wanting to see the northern lights! I tried to see them in Iceland but I didn’t get to see it. I would love to try again in Norway next! This is going on my bucket list!

  8. What an amazing experience! I saw the northern lights in Iceland, but they weren’t nearly as bright as your views in Norway, probably since I was spending my nights in the ‘city’.

  9. Congrats on seeing the Northern Lights! I traveled to Finland in 2007 to see them, but alas the one night I had planned was the 5% of the year they didn’t come out! Setting myself up in a cabin in Norway for a week sounds epic, so glad you had a great time.

    We’re heading to Norway for the first time this summer, looking forward to experiencing the midnight sun, though a little sad that we’ll obviously therefore miss the Northern Lights. Just means we’ll have to head back in winter right!!

    • Katie Mac

      I am so excited for you to see the midnight sun, please tell me all about it and share lots of pics! I would love to go back and see that too. I hope you get to see the northern lights too!

  10. What an incredible experience! I’d love to be able to see the northern lights from my backyard for a whole week. Thanks for sharing the app info – I didn’t even know there was a forecast app, how handy! The toilet and shower situation sounds…different. I’ve never experienced anything like that so not sure how I would handle it – not high maintenance by any means but it would take some getting used to!

  11. Thank you, Katie for that post! I saved it for a later reference 🙂 I’ve never seen the northern lights but hope to change that one day!
    Have a great one!
    Ioanna (A Woman Afoot)

  12. Your cabin experience reminded me about the time I went and stayed in a Finnish summer cottage in January. Beautiful but cold. Using bottled water to wash dishes and drink. Outhouse to pee. Shower in the sauna by melting snow ❄️
    So happy you got blessed with clear skies every night and saw the Northern lights. I have only seen it twice and very briefly as well a bit murky. I hope someday I’ll be able to see a clear view.

    • Katie Mac

      Wow your experience in Finland sounds perfect, what a dream! Now you just have to go back to get a good show of the lights, I hope you enjoy them.

  13. What a magical experience! The northern lights have been in my bucket list forever and I wonder when I’ll ever get to see them. You’ve put a good idea into my head! Were you solo? I’m also concerned about how it feels like being solo in the wide open space!

    • Katie Mac

      I hope you get to see them one day! No I wasn’t solo for this trip, but I’m introverted so being solo in the wide open space sounds very inviting. It was just such a beautiful, peaceful place.

  14. Oh wow! This place looks amazing. I can definitely imagine sitting under the stars in the Jacuzzi of an evening, with a glass of something delicious to enjoy.

  15. What a wonderful post!

    I went to Iceland last year and unfortunately was unable to see the Northen Lights but was able to see a lot of other amazing things!

    I think this will be an opportunity I can not miss!

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