1. I was in Oslo for 3 days about a year ago and I have to say it wasn’t enough time to see the city! You could easily spend a week there or quite a bit more if you’re working while traveling. The waterfront was really lovely! It’s a great city to spend time in.

  2. I’ve only been to Norway once, but we stayed in Bergen. I’d love to see Oslo! The Viking Museum looks like fun, and I bet I could get lost in the Norsk Folkemuseum. And, of course, I wouldn’t mind a walk along that waterfront — gorgeous picture!! Clearly, I need to go back sooner rather than later!

    • Katie Mac

      I need to see Bergen too so we need to swap tips 🙂 I hope you get to visit Oslo soon and hope you love it! Cant wait to see your pics!

  3. Hot dogs are a really big thing in Scandinavia! Who would’ve thought?? I remember they were super popular in Iceland too! I loved Oslo so much when I visited! I wish I had known about the Vikings Ship Museum but I got to see Vigeland Park which was amazing and those sculptures still stay in my mind to this day!

    • Katie Mac

      That’s so interesting, I had no idea they were so popular. I’m going to Iceland soon so I guess I can get some more hot dogs! I have to add Vigeland Park to my list!

  4. Oh I really like that quick details graphic! It’s easy to take in vital information at once. I’ve never heard of a complimentary dinner before! That’s so awesome. I’d definitely take advantage of that one night. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great post! I really love the formatting with the quick facts right at the beginning. The Norse Folkemuseum is on my list of museums I’ve wanted to visit for a while. I love Espresso House, I had it several times when I spent a month in Sweden. So good! Thanks for a great quick guide – Norway is still on my must-see list.

  6. I have been wanting to visit Oslo for quite awhile. Maybe its my fascination with Vikings .. maybe not 😉 – so glad you took full advantage of short time there. I keep telling people that you can explore cities with little time – you just have to take advantage of the time you have.

    • Katie Mac

      Yes so true, it’s not how much time you have it’s what you make of it! I hope you get to see Oslo, I’d love to see your pics and travels there!

  7. That viking museum does look cool – have you been to the Vasa museum in Stockholm? They have a full size galleon there, it’s fascinating to see how people lived in the seas!

    • Katie Mac

      Ohhh I haven’t but thank you so much for the suggestion because it is going on my list! I am so fascinated by all this stuff!

    • Katie Mac

      Hi Tamason, I hope you get to visit because it is such a cool city! Stay in touch so I can follow along with your travels <3

  8. Wow great place to be in. I agree with Cez of eTramping, perfect itinerary! I just want to ask you that is there any time to visit this place, considering weather or festivals?

    • Katie Mac

      Hi Arif, good question & unfortunately I’m not too sure about the best festivals to see so I can’t help too much with that. I visited in December & the weather was fine – cold but not too cold to get out & explore. There were not too many crowds too which was great! I’d love to go back in the warmer months though to check out the midnight sun & some hiking!

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