Ice Swimming In Finland

Ice Swimming In Finland - My Helsinki Birthday Wish At Löyly

The water was so cold that it winded me. I caught my breath, swam over to the edge and climbed my numb legs up the ladder. Once I was out of the water the breeze outside hit me like a million knives piercing my skin at once. My feet were sore from the numbness but they managed to walk me the few steps over to my tiny sauna towel. Just as I got out, a big smile came across my face and I wanted to do it all again. It was my birthday wish this year to go ice swimming in Finland and I was able to do just that at Löyly during my solo trip to Helsinki. Another bucket list check and extraordinary travel experience...well, experienced and I'm sharing all the details here today.

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How To Spend A Weekend In Helsinki

How To Spend A Weekend In Helsinki - A Loaded Travel Guide

My visit to Finland was a quick solo trip to celebrate my birthday and I know that sounds weird to travel solo for a birthday but I'm introverted so I'm pretty comfortable being alone. I've put together this guide on how to spend a weekend in Helsinki to share some of the wonderful things to do in the pretty, seaside city. Even if you only have a weekend, you can still enjoy a lot of what the city has to offer. The capital city is a natural escape filled wth parks, lakes, ocean as well as lots of stylish shops, cozy cafes and, of course, saunas so let's take a closer look.

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Where To Stay In Helsinki

Where To Stay In Helsinki - Escape The Ordinary At Hotel Katajanokka

"Escape the ordinary". I smiled as I read this on the Hotel Katajanokka website, which I had stumbled across while Googling 'where to stay in Helsinki'. It's funny how some places choose you instead of you choosing them and this was one of those times. My spider senses told me that this would be a perfect place to stay for someone with a blog motto of "extraordinary travel experiences for ordinary people" and, as per usual, those spider senses were 100% right. Not only did our mottos align, but this in fact was a place well suited for anyone who loves to experience something a little different and unique while traveling. This is just that, a unique hotel where you can stay in...wait for it...prison! Well, a former prison but, either way inmate, let's check you in to your cell away from home at Hotel Katajanokka.

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