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Reykjavik on a Budget

Reykjavik on a Budget: How to Visit Without Breaking the Bank

There are a lot of words you could use to describe Iceland but “cheap” certainly isn’t one of them. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t visit though because it’s an awesome country and there’s a lot to see and do. During my recent visit, I was trying not to jump on the spendings treadmill too much so I decided…

Swimming in Iceland

Swimming in Iceland: Mandatory Group Showers & Everything Else You Need to Know

Swimming in Iceland is a big part of the culture and the residents definitely don’t let the cold stop them. You’ve probably already heard of the Blue Lagoon and Secret Lagoon but luckily, these crowded and expensive tourist attractions are not the only places to take a dip. There are many local geothermal pools all around Iceland and whether you are…

Iceland as a solo female traveler

How to Explore Iceland as a Solo Female Traveler

Exploring Iceland as a solo female traveler can sound overwhelming! There’s the intense weather fluctuations, the rugged climate and the isolation, but don’t let that stop you from booking a trip because Iceland is a very solo female traveler friendly destination. I wanted to see as much of the beautiful nature there as possible but there was the one catch – the…