Where to stay in Marrakech

How To Stay Safe As A Solo Female Traveler In Marrakech


When I returned home from Morocco I felt incredibly overwhelmed. I had so much information I wanted to share but couldn’t decide what to post first. I needed some help, so I put a call out on my Instagram stories to ask what people wanted to know more about and, in a landslide majority, how to stay safe as a…

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Where To Stay In Marrakech

Where To Stay In Marrakech – What I Love About Riad Star


If you’re wondering where to stay in Marrakech then stop Googling because I’ve got you covered. Now you know my blog motto is to share extraordinary travel experiences for ordinary people like me, and, I have to say that staying in Riad Star, the former home of Josephine Baker, was certainly one of the most extraordinary travel experiences I ever…

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Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

How To Plan A Trip To Southern Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler


Did my other posts about Sri Lanka spark your wanderlust curiosity & inspire you to think about planning your own visit? I hope they did because that’s always my dream when I’m sitting here typing away on new blog posts. Today, I wanted to get down to some of the details to help you make this extraordinary experience happen! I…

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Expat Struggles

Expat Struggles: 7 Things Every Expat Has Heard At Least 98 Times


Living the expat life is pretty bloody awesome. There’s a great adventure to be had when you jump outside the ‘comfy known’ to experience new cultures, lifestyles, foods and languages firsthand. I was so excited when I first left Australia – I knew the good old land down under would always be there to go back to but ahead of…

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How to plan a trip to the maldives

How To Plan A Trip To The Maldives: A Complete Guide


Just saying ‘the Maldives’ conjures up images of cocktails served in pineapples, warm turquoise ocean waters & palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze. It’s no surprise that it is a dream destination for many of us, though, it’s generally one of those dream destination that seems unattainable. Like one of those dream destinations that only Beyonce goes to. I’ve…

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Rugged Beauty Of Iceland

15 Photos To Showcase The Rugged Beauty of Iceland


When you pair the unmatched natural beauty with the endless opportunity for adventure, it’s no surprise that Iceland is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. I traveled there by myself in April and was very quick to fall in love with all of the views around me. It felt like I had fallen into a National Geographic magazine…

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Save Money For Traveling

Save Money For Traveling With This Ultimate Guide Of REAL LIFE Tips


Let’s talk about saving money for traveling. ‘Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkk!!’ I can hear you say it now, but don’t run away just yet because I have a bunch of tips coming your way to hopefully help you out or offer some new ideas. Budgeting in general is hard! It takes sacrifice and whether you reach your goals or not will come down…

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