24 Hours in Oslo

Norway's Booming Capital - How to Spend 24 Hours In Oslo

The vibrant city of Oslo is somewhat of a surprising European treasure. Its kaleidoscopic make up appeals to many which is perhaps why interest in this hidden gem is growing. For the thinkers, there is a wide array of museums to spend time in. For the outdoor lovers, there are many hiking and cycling trails to offer as well as parks and other outdoor activities. For the city slickers, the busy center of town has many unique stores as well as trendy bars, restaurants and cafes. There is a lot to see. My biggest suggestion would be to allow more than 24 hours to get through it all, I'd say at least 3 days, but if you only have 24 hours in Oslo then check out these suggestions to help you plan your trip.

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photographing the northern lights

A Beginners Guide To Photographing The Northern Lights

I consider myself pretty good at night photos but photographing the Northern Lights was a little a lot harder than I anticipated. Being out in the woods meant that the scene was a lot darker than anything I had tried to photograph before and the dancing lights added a new dynamic to the whole process. It was a new challenge and one I appreciated because without challenges how are we meant to get to that next level right? Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not a photographer by any means, and these aren't the best photos of the Northern Lights that you will see, but I wanted to share a few of the most important tips I could think of to help other beginners out there get even better pics of the glorious light shows.

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What to pack for a week in Norway 1

What To Pack For A Week In Northern Norway - Winter Getaway Guide

I always thought I hated the cold. I was one of those people that could never understand why anyone would want to go on a winter holiday. It seemed like such horrible punishment. I had also always lived in tropical locations so the idea of cold was very foreign to me, which I think added to my dislike. This year I have been pushing myself outside of my toasty warm comfort zone to experience actual cold winters with trips to Switzerland and even a week in northern Norway.  I have to say that once I learned what I needed to keep warm in the cold weather and invested in some the right gear, I actually had a great time! Now I am already looking forward to my next winter trip! I'm sharing these recommendations on the blog to help you get ready for your next winter trip.

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Northern Lights Norway

Sleep Under The Northern Lights In Norway Without Breaking The Bank

Imagine this. You rug yourself up in a warm jacket and step outside into a dark, winter night. The air is cold and still. You break the peaceful silence with a light, crunching sound that marks each step you take through the fresh powdery snow. As you stop to gaze up into space, you can see stars twinkle across the endless dark sky and then, magic happens. The bright and colorful lights of the Auroras dance across the darkness, moving and swaying as if having a life of their own. Does this sound like a dream experience to add to your bucket list? If so, read on. Today I am sharing all the details on how you can experience this very dream of seeing the Northern Lights in Norway without breaking the budget.

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