Stay in Milan with a Duomo View

Stay In Milan With A Duomo View (Without Spending A Fortune)

We all know Milan - it's one of the most popular, iconic cities in Italy. I'm sure it's not common that people visit this city specifically to watch WWE Wrestling, but that's exactly why I planned a visit recently! WWE was coming to town and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go and see the show - I'm the girl who went to WrestleMania alone after all! While I was doing an accommodation search I assumed there would be no way I could afford to stay anywhere nice and/or close to the Duomo. I figured that would only be for those super glamorous fashion bloggers or people with a lot of money - not a bloggers budget. Oh how wrong I was though! I'm really happy to share that it is 100% possible to find a place to stay in Milan with a Duomo view and not spend a fortune and I am revealing all the details here today.

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Moving to Italy

7 Different Ways That My Life Changed After Moving To Italy

Moving to Italy is a dream for many and one that I have been lucky enough to live out. There are always a lot of changes that come with a new home (remember my post on the ways that living in Hawaii changed my life) and today I wanted to share some of the ways my life has changed since making the move to beautiful Italia.

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Living in Italy

Living In Italy: Expat Reflections Of The Good, The Bad & The Great

Wow, I can't believe that it was one year ago I boarded a plane at the Honolulu Airport and moved across the pond to start a new chapter of life here in Italy. My husband left soon after we got here and I remember the isolating feeling of sitting in my empty apartment with no money, no car, no job, no friends and now no-one to talk to and wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into like it was yesterday. Where did that time go? Though I spent most of my time here alone, a lot has happened in my first year. I survived my first winter, I stumbled through communicating with a language barrier, I visited too many lakes and cities to count, I went on 9 international trips and I ate some a lot of the most delicious pasta on the planet (most of which I am now trying to get rid of from my hips before summer comes)! It certainly doesn't feel like a whole year has gone by and I still feel like the new kid in many ways but since the calendar is telling me that I've been living in Italy for a year I figured it was a good time to reflect and write a little anniversary post to my adopted home.

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Cooking Class in Italy

Don't Miss This Unbelievably Amazing Cooking Class In Italy

Ever since I moved to Italy, I have received many questions and comments about food. It makes sense since Italians are known for their amazing food! If in America, people fight with each other over the color of their football jersey, in Italy they would fight over the ingredients in the perfect ragu. Cooking skills are certainly alive and well here and cooking isn't just a chore where you whip together something edible to get through to the next meal. There is a passion which is evident in each step of the cooking experience - from picking the ingredients, to the cooking processes, to stopping to sit and enjoy the meal. Today I am excited to share this post with you because I get to showcase a wonderful local business where you can experience an authentic cooking class in Italy, learn new skills, cook a meal and even enjoy farmstay accommodation in the most picturesque area.

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Torrente Canali

Torrente Canali - A Hidden Turquoise Pond In The Mountains

The beautiful region of Trento has a little hidden secret. A secret which comes in the form of an exquisite turquoise pond hidden away in the mountains - Torrente Canali. Hypnotizing in a way, the pond is such an intense shade of blue that you can't help but look at it. I took a trip out to find it recently and wanted to share it with you here on the blog today. If you have the time to visit, then I highly recommend this wonderful piece of paradise. 

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Lago Di Carezza

Lago Di Carezza - The Must See Rainbow Lake Of The Dolomites

It should come as no shock to you guys that I'm a water baby. Perhaps a fish is a more accurate description, but either way, it is safe to say that I love being around the water. Here in Italy, I have been very lucky to find some magnificent bodies of water in the form of lakes in the mountains and they have quickly became some of my favorite places. In today's post I am sharing one of these grand lakes with you and everything you need to know to enjoy a trip to visit the awe inspiring Lago di Carezza. 

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public transport friendly day trips from vicenza

5 Public Transport Friendly Day Trips From Vicenza

So you have just arrived in Vicenza, don't have your car yet but want to get started exploring your surroundings. Where do you start? It's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to do here in Italy but rest easy because I have prepared a guide of 5 public transport friendly day trips from Vicenza to get your adventures started ASAP!

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Lago Di Senaiga - The Hidden Hiking Adventure In North Italy

Happy September everyone! Can you believe how fast the year has flown by? I'm still in shock that we are in September to be honest and it feels like just yesterday we were welcoming in 2016! A lot has happened this year which is perhaps why it flew by so quickly, and I just hope that all of our coming months end 2016 with fun adventures and memorable moments. Today I want to share some photos of Lago Di Senaiga as well as a bunch of tips and tricks. 

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Lago Di Corlo

Lago Di Corlo - Unexpected Adventures While Hiking In Italy

The grandeur setting of Lago Di Corlo will leave you inspired and feeling very small. Nestled between lush mountains, the large lake oozes serenity making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a picnic with friends. There is free parking, grassed areas, water activities with equipment to rent and even campgrounds nearby that have a private beach entrance for campground users. The day we visited was on a weekend and looking around us we saw plenty of groups of people and their pets scattered on the grass enjoying picnics together under the sun. Our day turned out to be much different from the relaxation others were experiencing - much, much, different... 

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Tuscan Getaway

Tuscan Getaway Dreams Come True With Agriturismo La Fontaccia

When I say 'Tuscany' what comes to your mind? For me, it was all about the rolling hills with vineyards for days, sweeping countryside landscapes, good food, better wine and sunflower fields. I had never been to Tuscany before so this imagery that had made its way into my mind through movies and travel pictures had become my dream vision for the perfect Tuscan getaway. The crazy thing is, after staying at Agriturismo La Fontaccia for the weekend recently, my dream vision came true. Let me tell you all about it. 

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Gnome Village

A Guide To Touring A Magical Gnome Village In Asiago, Italy

I'm so excited to share my first official blog post showcasing a local experience here in Italy! To be honest, I had a few adventures to choose from since moving here and I chose this one because, quite simply, it was just a unique and fun experience. I shared a picture on Instagram recently from my tour but now let's take a journey deep in the woods of Asiago, to find the magical Gnome Village. 

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Life in Italy First Impressions

Life In Italy - My First Impressions As An Expat In Italy

Ciao from the new chapter of life in Italy!

Before I get started, I want to say a HUGE thank you for baring with my while the blog has been slow due to my current Internet drought. Seriously, the Internet desert is no bueno when you're trying to create posts! I am hoping that we can get that situation fixed soon so that I can get back to regular posts, hopefully it's just a little longer.

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How to travel more

The Katie Show Blog Has Moved! Our Overseas PCS From Hawaii To Italy

Good morning friends! You may have seen on Instagram this week that The Katie Show Blog has now moved. Whaatt? Moved? Yes, that's right, we have just completed an overseas PCS and moved from the little slice of paradise to a new home in Europe. 

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