The Castle of William The Conqueror

Journey Back In Time By Visiting The Castle Of William The Conqueror

Have you heard of William the Conqueror? To be honest, I hadn't. That was until the night before I took a drive out to visit the city of Falaise in France. In all honesty, though the castle of William the Conqueror is one of the big name attractions of Falaise, I was actually going there to see the statue of the Viking leader who became a Duke of Normandy, Rollo. I'm a big fan of the History Channel show called Vikings and it seemed like a really cool idea to go see Rollo's statue while I was in the area. I never would've guessed that while visiting his statue, I would also end up taking a journey back in time to walk through a magnificent castle, complete with interactive exhibits and learn about such an interesting historical figure. (If you haven't heard of him, look him up. Spoiler alert: his story is quite interesting)! It was probably one of my favorite activities in France so today, come with me to the Castle of William the Conqueror as I share it with you guys.

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D-Day Landing Beaches

How To Plan A Visit To The D-Day Landing Beaches In France

France is drenched in rich history and the D-Day landing beaches in Normandy are no exception to this. Many years have passed since the historic D-Day landings but, fortunately for us, the area is now full of memorials, museums and cemeteries so that the stories do not have to be lost in the sand. Instead, they are brought to life in a respectful and touching way through these fitting tributes. There's so much to see there that you would need a lot of time to get through it all, this guide is a compilation of the top spots I saw that you could add to your trip if you only have a weekend or so in this once brutal, now beautiful area of France.

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Where to stay in Normandy

Where To Stay In Normandy - Don't Miss This AirBnb Treasure

Confession: I was a bit skeptical of using AirBnb at first. As a classic late bloomer, I'm a bit late to the AirBnb game - it's only recently that I jumped in to become a member and began using the service but I have to say I've had great experiences so far. First there was the cozy cabin in the woods of Norway which I shared here on the blog and I just got back from a trip to France where I had another great experience. Between the style, value, location, hosts and cute animals, I loved it so much that I wanted to share it here with you guys. If you are planning a visit and wondering about where to stay in Normandy, I've got you covered!

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