Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler - A Complete Trip Planning Guide

Did my other posts about Sri Lanka spark your wanderlust curiosity & inspire you to think about planning your own visit? I hope they did because that's always my dream when I'm sitting here typing away on new blog posts. Today, I wanted to get down to some of the details to help you make this extraordinary experience happen! I should note that I've written this post as guide of visiting southern Sri Lanka for the solo female traveler because I went there on a solo trip, but, in all honesty, it is a useful guide for anyone planning a visit. Let's get into it!

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Favorite travel things

17 Photos To Inspire You To Experience A Wildlife Safari In Sri Lanka

Firstly, if you're thinking that this post is an excuse for me to share a bunch of animal pictures then you're 100% right & I'm giving you a virtual gold star right now. I held back on spamming my Instagram page with elephants because I figured people don't want to see them as much as I do. But, I can't resist sharing them so instead I have collated them here into a post which will hopefully inspire you to add a wildlife safari in Sri Lanka to your own bucket list. There's a lot to love about Sri Lanka like the friendly people, fresh food, gorgeous beaches, Buddhist temples and, of course, the Tuk Tuk rides but today we will just focus on the wildlife. If you're like me and love animals and nature then I am sure you are going to like this, and if you do love it, you can support the blog by sharing or commenting. Or both if you're feeling a little crazy! Either way, I hope you enjoy it and p.s there are affiliate links included in this post.

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Where to stay in Sri Lanka

Where To Stay In Sri Lanka: Unplug At Talalla Retreat

When your appliances don't work, what do you do? You unplug them, give them a break and plug them back in right? Granted, most of the time we do that because we don't actually know enough to be able to troubleshoot the problem but the simple unplug seems to work like a treat and you get a new spark of life out of whatever you were trying to use. With our fast paced lives I think it's only fair that we give ourselves the same treatment and I'm here to share with you a perfect place to do just that. I recently visited Talalla Retreat in southern Sri Lanka and experienced a week of total relaxation. I don't know if it was the dreamy, tropical rooms, the beach, the buffet meals, the coconuts by the pool, the morning yoga  classes or the massage at the spa but there was a lot of relaxation to be had. If you are looking for an unplug and reset or even just wondering where to stay in Sri Lanka, then read on and travel with me to Talalla Retreat.

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Yoga Retreat

I Can't Touch My Toes & I Did A Yoga Retreat - Here's How It Went

I'm about as flexible as a frozen corpse. The title of this blog isn't just a catchy phrase by any stretch - as embarrassing as it is, I actually couldn't touch my toes and I still decided to got on a yoga retreat. I was even so eager to go that I booked the early bird deal to secure my spot. At the same time I was eager, I was a little scared. I don't do classes, I don't wear Lululemon & I certainly didn't know my happy baby from a half lotus, what the hell was I doing? Is that a bit crazy? Maybe. But it turned out to be a great idea and also one of those times where I end up really grateful that I have these crazy ideas which is why I want to share my experience with you guys today. I also want to share with you the talented and inspiring woman who created the retreat because she deserves a little shout out. Come on, she created a yoga retreat that even this non-yogi could love so that is pretty incredible if you ask me. As always, I hope to inspire you in some way through sharing my little travel stories and I also hope to see you on the next Yoga, Wine & Travel retreat!

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