Life Lessons

Expat Struggles

Expat Struggles: 7 Things Every Expat Has Heard At Least 98 Times

Living the expat life is pretty bloody awesome. There's a great adventure to be had when you jump outside the 'comfy known' to experience new cultures, lifestyles, foods and languages firsthand. I was so excited when I first left Australia - I knew the good old land down under would always be there to go back to but ahead of me was a lot of shiny, new adventures to be had. Now I am a resident of 3 countries and I've never looked back. It's not all beer and skittles though and sometimes the expat struggles are real. If you're an expat let's take a moment to relate to these things that you've no doubt heard once, twice or a million times over!

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Work in the travel industry

An Open Letter To Those Who Work In The Travel Industry

Hours of travel can be a great time for reflection. Without fail, every time I go on a plane, I look out the window and think about how incredible it is to be able to travel. I mean, we live in a time where you can book a ticket online, get on a flight and travel all the way across the world if you want - how amazing is that? Sometimes it's the traveler who gets all the credit for putting it all together, but to be honest in my case all I do is book the tickets and write about my experience which is all pretty easy. For each step of the travel journey there are so many people who work in the travel industry that make these experiences possible. Today, I am writing to them.

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Yoga Retreat

I Can't Touch My Toes & I Did A Yoga Retreat - Here's How It Went

I'm about as flexible as a frozen corpse. The title of this blog isn't just a catchy phrase by any stretch - as embarrassing as it is, I actually couldn't touch my toes and I still decided to got on a yoga retreat. I was even so eager to go that I booked the early bird deal to secure my spot. At the same time I was eager, I was a little scared. I don't do classes, I don't wear Lululemon & I certainly didn't know my happy baby from a half lotus, what the hell was I doing? Is that a bit crazy? Maybe. But it turned out to be a great idea and also one of those times where I end up really grateful that I have these crazy ideas which is why I want to share my experience with you guys today. I also want to share with you the talented and inspiring woman who created the retreat because she deserves a little shout out. Come on, she created a yoga retreat that even this non-yogi could love so that is pretty incredible if you ask me. As always, I hope to inspire you in some way through sharing my little travel stories and I also hope to see you on the next Yoga, Wine & Travel retreat!

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alternative facts

10 Alternative Facts That Every Traveler Can Relate To

We are probably all guilty of saying a little white alternative fact every now and then. ‘Thanks for the gift, I really love homemade incense’, ‘that’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen’ or ‘sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I’ve been swamped’.  Here’s 10 alternative facts every traveler can relate to.

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save money for travel

How To Save Money For Travel - The Tricks Nobody Will Tell You

Well, what an intense week that was! The good news is that the election campaigning is officially over. That's certainly one aspect we can all be relieved about. Don't worry this isn't a political post. This is simply some lighthearted relief for all of us, no matter who you voted for, because we do have some things in common. Like, no matter where you stand or who you voted for, I think we can all agree that the true winner was the Obama/Biden, the Joebama, memes. They really were the memes that united America, weren't they? Another thing we all have in common is that most of us probably need a laugh and a holiday! A long one. With at least a few mojitos, or as I'd prefer, an IV mojito drip. So in that light, and since I believe laughter is the best medicine, today I am sharing my money saving tips to show you how to save money for travel so you can enjoy your next holiday sooner rather than later.

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Facing Challenges

Facing Challenges In A Comfortable World And Why It's So Important

Facing challenges, big and small, is an important part of life and our personal growth. Today I want to share some of my thoughts about it because recently I have been thinking quite a lot about how challenges or scary things have a powerful ability to shape us. Well, I suppose it's our response to the challenges or scary things actually that have the powerful effect on our minds. Hopefully this post can inspire you in some way to begin facing challenges, or things fears, no matter how big or small they are and continue to step outside the scary place known as the comfort zone. If you already do this in your daily life, I hope you can join in and offer some stories or tips in the comments to inspire others. 

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survive deployment

How To Survive Deployment - The Brutal First 48 Hours

If you follow me on social media, I'm sure you're aware that last week was rough on me. My husband left for deployment just 3 months after we moved here to Italy. We had been apart for 10 months prior and it felt like we had just settled in to our new home together then *poof* he was gone, and there I was sitting in a very quiet apartment wondering if I would be able to survive deployment again. 

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How to travel more

The Katie Show Blog Has Moved! Our Overseas PCS From Hawai'i To Italy

Good morning friends! You may have seen on Instagram this week that The Katie Show Blog has now moved. Whaatt? Moved? Yes, that's right, moved from the little slice of paradise to a new home in Europe. 

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5 Friends You Need in Your Life

5 Friends You Need In Your Life (And 5 You Don't)

Good friends can make such a huge difference in life. They can encourage you, teach you, support you and provide great company on the ride of life. When I left Australia, I was faced with the challenge of making new friends and to be honest it took a long time to find a group of people that I clicked with. As I found these positive people and developed friendships with them over time, it taught me a lot about the types of friends that are important in life which is what I am sharing here today. 

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how to start a blog

How To Start A Blog - Everything You Need To Know

If I were to think of my frequently asked questions since starting The Katie Show Blog there are two that stand out above the rest. The first is 'where is this?' which is always asked on photos on my Instagram. The second question I commonly get asked is 'can you tell me how to start a blog?' In today's post I wanted to try and help with the second question using some of the things I have picked up since starting my own blog. 

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Thriving in a Long Distance Relationship

The Secret To Thriving In A Long Distance Relationship

I have a little bit of Katie trivia for you today. My husband and I have been together for almost 4 years and you know what, we have only been able to spend a little over 1 year of that time actually together. Between an international relationship, deployment and training exercises, most of our relationship has occurred over a long distance so we are well practiced at this and I guess it's kind of our 'normal'. Now, I'm not writing this for you to feel sorry for me. Quite the contrary. I think I have learned a lot during this time and have the secret to thriving in a long distance relationship to share with you. 

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Thoughts on Publishing

My Health And Fitness Ebook Is Here

It's time! It's here! My health and fitness ebook, Tips From a Former Fat Girl is live and available for you to read!

There's so much going on that I just wanted to share my thoughts, which may turn out to be a ramble but I feel the need to get it all out.

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long distance relationship

How To Celebrate Special Occasions In A Long Distance Relationship

The Valentines Day promotion has begun and all around me I see pretty pink hearts, cute catch phrases and images of couples candidly showing their love for one another. It got me thinking firstly of my sweetheart and that I miss him. Sigh. Secondly of what it is like to celebrate occasions like these when you are apart from your loved one. Whether it is Valentines Day, or other (more important) special occasions like an anniversary or birthday, it can be a very lonely experience for those separated by distance. Naturally, this got me to writing and I've come up with these 5 tips for celebrating special occasions in a long distance relationship.

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Thoughts on Publishing

Coming Soon - My Health And Fitness E-Book!

I have some exciting news to share with you guys today... 

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Caring For Your GoPro

A Practical Guide To Caring For Your GoPro

I remember the days of old when I first visited Hawaii and was really proud to have bought a disposable underwater camera for the trip. There I was, snorkeling around underwater when all of a sudden I would see something cool. I proudly went through the *wind, wind, wind, click* process to snap photos of the fish that swam by until my 24 photo limit ran out. When I got back into Australia and the first thing I did was take my $12 camera to the store to be developed and an hour later I had a bunch of photos in my hands. Could there be anything cooler right? 

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Living with Endometriosis

5 Survival Tips For Living With Endometriosis

If you saw my recent post on adventuring with Endometriosis, you know a little about why I found it so important to not let Endo slow me down too much (because theres no stopping it slowing you down a little) and to keep on doing the things I love. This time, I wanted to share some tips on the more everyday aspects of living with Endometriosis because if you have it then I don't need to tell you twice about how much it impacts your day to day activities. These are just some tips that have helped me so hopefully they can help some of you too. 

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Adventuring with Endometriosis

A Complete Guide To Adventuring With Endometriosis

I want to share a little something about me. I have Endometriosis. I know sharing something like this is a stray from the usual posts but I felt a strong urge to share for the simple reason that when I was going through the diagnosis and researching how to manage the illness, I found stories from others incredibly helpful. More helpful than doctors to be quite honest. Knowing I wasn't alone and learning from others about how they manage the illness was both comforting and useful. 

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Instead of Watching TV

10 Things You Can Do Instead Of Watching TV

Confession. When I moved to Hawaii, I didn't have a TV. By choice. Not because I am anti TV or anything, I just don't really watch it so never got around to buying one. It really wasn't a big deal in my head, but you would think I was living without oxygen from some of the comments that my flabbergasted friends made. It seemed that people could not grasp how one could survive in life without a TV.

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How to live your dreams today

How To Live Your Dreams Today

We all have that dream list right? Things we always want to do but they end up on the 'one day' list. I've been thinking a lot about living our dreams and how some people seem to be living their dreams, ticking these times off their list with zeal while others simply have a list and are waiting for this elusive 'one day.'

What if that day could be today? 

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How to give the best gifts

How To Give The Best Gifts - A Stress Free Guide

This is something I have been told many times that I am good at and with the holiday season looming closer, I figured that now was the perfect time to share some of my tips on how to give the best gifts.

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Tips For Solo Adventure

Tips For Solo Adventure (And Why You Need To Try It)

I can hear you already.

*Celine Dion's 'All by Myself' begins playing in your head*

Solo adventure? You mean alone? As in, without an adventure buddy? What are you thinking Katie?!  Now, now, breathe in, breathe out and read on. It's not as scary as you think (and not as dramatic as Celine makes it seem!)

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working with passion

7 Common Side Effects Of Working With Passion

Working with passion, the world needs a little more of this doesn't it? It seems like so many of us are stuck in the mundane, the comfortable life or the toxic workplace and a lot of us have lost our spark along the way. If you were wondering what it's like to make the change, here are 7 side effects of putting your heart into everything you do and working with passion.

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Say no to plastic. Glass straws by glass dharma

Why You Need The Original Glass Straw - Glass Dharma

Last week the video of the scientists who assisted a turtle by removing a plastic straw that was lodged in its nose went viral. In case you missed it, click the photo below to be taken to the video.

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How to Work From Home and Be Super Organized

How To Work From Home AND Be Super Organized

Working from home is great isn't it? We have a lot of responsibility on our shoulders to get things done and are allowed a great deal of freedom to do just that as we create a business that is exactly what we want. As rewarding as it is, there are many challenges that come with working from home and it takes a focused, self motivated individual to succeed. Someone who would search for tips on productivity for example - you're off to a good start! Here are my top 8 tips on how to work from home AND be super organized. 

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how to manage stress

How To Manage Stress (In A High Stress World)

Life in our fast-paced world can be a little hectic right? In one moment our phones are going off, new e-mails to respond to, new problems to solve, deadlines to meet, unexpected meetings, trying to avoid creepy Dan from accounting, don't forget to send so and so a birthday card, and exercise - note to self schedule an exercise class, wait did I pay the phone bill this month? Safe to say our stress levels are high!

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Kamiloiki Ridge Trail

Thoughts On Happiness I Had While Hiking The Kamiloiki Ridge Trail

Hiking is usually a good time to stop and think about things. All sorts of different thoughts come and go during my time on each trail. Sometimes the thoughts turn out wise and insightful, and other times the thoughts are more along the lines of 'am I there yet....and why did I do this again?!' If you have done the Koko Head Trail a.k.a The Stairs of Doom then you know what I mean! 

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Diamond Head. Must see and do in Hawaii

Friendship Lessons And The Ka'ena Point Trail

Today I am thankful for friends who reach out. I am very guilty of being a bad friend when it comes to staying in touch with people. Maybe even the worst! I get so caught up in my own world and whatever I am doing day to day that I tend to forget to reach out to people even if it is just to say 'hey'. I guess you could say I don't make the effort. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my friends and when they reach out to me or invite me somewhere I love it, I am just usually not the one to initiate it.

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How to start a blog

How To Start A Blog: The 5 Essential First Steps

“Katie, how do I start a blog?”

This question has become rather common recently and is one that I find a little tricky to answer in a way that can be most helpful to those asking. I usually respond with “What do you want to blog about?” at which point an awkward pause usually follows. When this happens I know that it would be unhelpful of me to go through the click-by-click specifics of starting a blog. Instead, I take a step back and delve into the essential steps needed to build a solid blog foundation.

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Surviving the Long Distance Relationship

Tips For Surviving The Long Distance Relationship

It is pretty safe to say that having to part with your loved one is not fun. Not one bit. Those who have experienced this will know all about that heavy, achy feeling of longing for someone and just how harsh it can be.

Fear not, because this post is for all of you long distance lovers out there and, almost selfishly I say that it is a good reminder for me after having to say 'see you later' to my husband this week. We have been a long distance couple for 2 of the 3 years we have been together and saying goodbye does not get any easier! I miss him already. In this post we are going to explore a few bigger picture tips I have learned for coping with distance and we will finish off with some tips that were submitted by friends on my Instagram page. Let’s get started…

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Leaving My Toxic Workplace

Leaving My Toxic Workplace

I am proud of myself today.

Something toxic had been controlling my life recently…

A workplace.

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A Complete Guide to Juicing For Beginners

Juice Cleansing Lessons

This week, I undertook a three day juice cleanse to give my body a cleansing detox and perhaps a much needed one since I am partial to the odd frozen dairy treat! Ok, maybe a little more than partial! The juice cleanse was just me drinking fresh homemade fruit and vegetable juice/smoothies for three days straight. I did not eat or drink anything else apart from these juices and water. Sounds challenging, but it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be with the first day being the hardest – a crazy statement I know!

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A Complete Guide to Juicing For Beginners

A Complete Guide To Juicing For Beginners - Recipes Included

You know how important it is to eat your vegetables right? What about drinking them?

You’re right, it is super important and I am about to tell you why with a guide to juicing for beginners.

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Barre Kailua - Hawaii Barre Class

Getting In Shape With Barre Kailua

Have you heard of Barre classes? These classes are increasingly popular as they involve isometric strength exercises balanced with a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet postures whilst using the barre to help with stability. You complete sets of deliberate, controlled and effective movements focusing on all the important muscle groups then head down to the mat for some brutal, yet essential, core exercises. Sound exciting?

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10 lessons learned in the first 2 months of blogging

10 Lessons Learned In My First 2 Months Of Blogging

Well done - you started a blog! Firstly, take a moment to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for taking that first step and venturing into the blogosphere! If you are like me, you didn't come into this as an expert and may be learning about all that blogging has to offer as you move along in your blog journey. Here are 10 things I have learned about blogging so far. Whoever and wherever you are whilst reading this, I hope they can be of use to you.

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20 beautiful women challenge


I am taking a turn from the usual adventure/travel blogs today to write about an Instagram challenge – that’s right, an Instagram challenge. Quite a distinct turn from the usual though I felt this one was worth writing about. Now, I am sure there are probably rules in blog land to stay on the one theme but whatever – it’s my blog and I’ll write what I feel right? Why stick to rules when you can express yourself.

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