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how to start a blog

How To Start A Blog - Everything You Need To Know

If I were to think of my frequently asked questions since starting The Katie Show Blog there are two that stand out above the rest. The first is 'where is this?' which is always asked on photos on my Instagram. The second question I commonly get asked is 'can you tell me how to start a blog?' In today's post I wanted to try and help with the second question using some of the things I have picked up since starting my own blog. 

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How to live your dreams today

How To Live Your Dreams Today

We all have that dream list right? Things we always want to do but they end up on the 'one day' list. I've been thinking a lot about living our dreams and how some people seem to be living their dreams, ticking these times off their list with zeal while others simply have a list and are waiting for this elusive 'one day.'

What if that day could be today? 

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working with passion

7 Common Side Effects Of Working With Passion

Working with passion, the world needs a little more of this doesn't it? It seems like so many of us are stuck in the mundane, the comfortable life or the toxic workplace and a lot of us have lost our spark along the way. If you were wondering what it's like to make the change, here are 7 side effects of putting your heart into everything you do and working with passion.

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How to start a blog

How To Start A Blog: The 5 Essential First Steps

“Katie, how do I start a blog?”

This question has become rather common recently and is one that I find a little tricky to answer in a way that can be most helpful to those asking. I usually respond with “What do you want to blog about?” at which point an awkward pause usually follows. When this happens I know that it would be unhelpful of me to go through the click-by-click specifics of starting a blog. Instead, I take a step back and delve into the essential steps needed to build a solid blog foundation.

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10 lessons learned in the first 2 months of blogging

10 Lessons Learned In My First 2 Months Of Blogging

Well done - you started a blog! Firstly, take a moment to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for taking that first step and venturing into the blogosphere! If you are like me, you didn't come into this as an expert and may be learning about all that blogging has to offer as you move along in your blog journey. Here are 10 things I have learned about blogging so far. Whoever and wherever you are whilst reading this, I hope they can be of use to you.

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