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Products I Don't Travel Without

Products I Don’t Travel Without & A Few From My Wish List

I have to say, this post has been on my mind for a while. Each time I would go on a trip I would pack my must haves and think ‘I should really share this one day’ and I’m finally getting around to it now. Better late than never right? Hopefully it can help you get ready for your next…

Travel Checklist – The Ultimate List Of Things To Do Before Your Trip

Planning your trips can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you’re first starting out, so I’ve made a complete travel checklist to help get you ready for your next trip! Of course, there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ since we all have different circumstances and you may need to make some minor adjustments, but this will definitely…

Should We Keep Traveling

Should We Keep Traveling When The World Is A Scary Place

Should we keep traveling with all sorts of scary attacks on the rise and the world seemingly becoming more and more unsafe?Today my news feeds are filled with stories to remind people of how scary the world is. I’m speaking of Las Vegas of course, but it seems redundant to mention the city because it feels like a case of…

Save Money For Traveling

Save Money For Traveling With This Ultimate Guide Of REAL LIFE Tips

Let’s talk about saving money for traveling. ‘Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkk!!’ I can hear you say it now, but don’t run away just yet because I have a bunch of tips coming your way to hopefully help you out or offer some new ideas. Budgeting in general is hard! It takes sacrifice and whether you reach your goals or not will come down…

Good in the world

Travel Inspiration: A Few Of My Favorite Travel Things

This week on the blog, I have a few things to share with you and, particularly, a few of my favorite travel things. I like these posts because I get to share some things that I love and enjoy plus I also get to share a little about me so we can get to know each other better. I’d love…

How to travel more

How To Travel More By Exploring Your Very Own Backyard

Many travel blogs will have you believe that to have amazing travel experiences, you need to travel to glamorous or far off destinations in the world. I am here today to call bullshit on that. Sure, by traveling far you can have an awe-inspiring travel experience and I am a big supporter of global travel, but, it’s not the only…

How to stay safe as a solo female traveler

How To Stay Safe As A Solo Female Traveler – A Practical Guide

If you have been on a solo trip, or even brought up the idea of going on one, then I am sure you are familiar with the ‘world is a scary place’ comments that come with the idea of solo travel. They’re not wrong either. The world can be a scary place and unfortunately bad people do exist. That shouldn’t…

alternative facts

10 Alternative Facts That Every Traveler Can Relate To

We are probably all guilty of saying a little white alternative fact every now and then. ‘Thanks for the gift, I really love homemade incense’, ‘that’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen’ or ‘sorry I didn’t reply earlier. I’ve been swamped’.  Here’s 10 alternative facts every traveler can relate to.

photographing the northern lights

A Beginners Guide To Photographing The Northern Lights

I consider myself pretty good at night photos but photographing the Northern Lights was a little a lot harder than I anticipated. Being out in the woods meant that the scene was a lot darker than anything I had tried to photograph before and the dancing lights added a new dynamic to the whole process. It was a new challenge and…

save money for travel

How To Save Money For Travel – The Tricks Nobody Will Tell You

Well, what an intense week that was! The good news is that the election campaigning is officially over. That’s certainly one aspect we can all be relieved about. Don’t worry this isn’t a political post. This is simply some lighthearted relief for all of us, no matter who you voted for, because we do have some things in common. Like, no…