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Living in Hawaii

100 Wonderful Things That Happened to Me While Living in Hawaii

So by now you guys know my story of how I came to live in Hawai’i and that my time in that beautiful paradise has come to an end. When I think about it, I can’t believe I lived there for just over two and a half years – where did the time go? What a big adventure it was though. I…

How Living In Hawaii Changed My Life

Expat Thoughts – How Living in Hawaii Changed my Life

Lately, I have been feeling very reflective. I think it is because I have been organizing my green card renewal documents so I have had to document the last 2 and a half years of living in Hawaii. Looking back over all the photos I printed to submit to the immigration department had me thinking about my time here in…

Thoughts on Publishing

My Health and Fitness Ebook is Here

It’s time! It’s here! My health and fitness ebook, Tips From a Former Fat Girl is live and available for you to read! There’s so much going on that I just wanted to share my thoughts, which may turn out to be a ramble but I feel the need to get it all out.

Caring For Your GoPro

A Practical Guide to Caring for your GoPro

I remember the days of old when I first visited Hawaii and was really proud to have bought a disposable underwater camera for the trip. There I was, snorkeling around underwater when all of a sudden I would see something cool. I proudly went through the *wind, wind, wind, click* process to snap photos of the fish that swam by until…

The Getaway Girls

Flower Crown Making with The Getaway Girls

Let me just say that the blog world is pretty amazing! I am lucky to be able to say that I have connected with so many cool people who have reached out either through the website or on social media, I have been able to work with a lot of very talented entrepreneurs and now I can say that I…

Adventuring with Endometriosis

A Complete Guide to Adventuring with Endometriosis

I want to share a little something about me. I have Endometriosis. I know sharing something like this is a stray from the usual posts but I felt a strong urge to share for the simple reason that when I was going through the diagnosis and researching how to manage the illness, I found stories from others incredibly helpful. More helpful than…

whats in my beach bag

What’s in my Beach Bag – The Beach Bag Essentials

Today was such a beautiful Aloha Friday. Traveling down the highway to one of my favorite beaches, I looked out the window to see the sun was shining down, creating an Edward Cullen like sparkle on the surface of the ocean as the rays met the water. It was the perfect day to be outdoors and the perfect day to…