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Thoughts on Publishing

My Health and Fitness Ebook is Here

It’s time! It’s here! My health and fitness ebook, Tips From a Former Fat Girl is live and available for you to read! There’s so much going on that I just wanted to share my thoughts, which may turn out to be a ramble but I feel the need to get it all out.

Living with Endometriosis

5 Survival Tips for Living with Endometriosis

If you saw my recent post on adventuring with Endometriosis, you know a little about why I found it so important to not let Endo slow me down too much (because theres no stopping it slowing you down a little) and to keep on doing the things I love. This time, I wanted to share some tips on the more…

Adventuring with Endometriosis

A Complete Guide to Adventuring with Endometriosis

I want to share a little somethingย about me. I have Endometriosis. I know sharing something like this is a stray from the usual posts but I felt a strong urge to share for the simple reason thatย when I was going through the diagnosis and researching how to manage the illness, I found stories from others incredibly helpful. More helpful than…

A Complete Guide to Juicing For Beginners

Juice Cleansing Lessons

This week, I undertook a three day juice cleanse to give my body a cleansing detox and perhaps a much needed one since I am partial to the odd frozen dairy treat! Ok, maybe a little more than partial! The juice cleanse was just me drinking fresh homemade fruit and vegetable juice/smoothies for three days straight. I did not eat…

Barre Kailua - Hawaii Barre Class

Getting in Shape With Barre Kailua

Have you heard of Barre classes? These classes are increasingly popular as they involve isometric strength exercises balanced with a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet postures whilst using the barre to help with stability. You complete sets of deliberate, controlled and effective movements focusing on all the important muscle groups then head down to the mat for some brutal,…