Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler – A Complete Trip Planning Guide

Did my other posts about Sri Lanka spark your wanderlust curiosity & inspire you to think about planning your own visit? I hope they did because that’s always my dream when I’m sitting here typing away on new blog posts. Today, I wanted to get down to some of the details to help you make this extraordinary experience happen! I should note that I’ve written this post as guide of visiting southern Sri Lanka for the solo female traveler because I went there on a solo trip, but, in all honesty, it is a useful guide for anyone planning a visit. Let’s get into it!

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler – A Complete Trip Planning Guide

A complete guide to Sri Lanka for the solo female traveler, because being alone shouldn't stop you enjoying the beaches, yoga, smoothies and safaris!

Getting there


Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB) is located in the south of Sri Lanka and is your best bet for planning a visit to southern Sri Lanka. When you’re searching for flights, you may also find by searching Colombo which is the country’s capital just under 20 miles away from the airport.


Aside from a few exceptions, you will need to apply for an electronic visitors visa prior to entering Sri Lanka. It’s quick and easy and costs about $20USD. You can apply for the visa and check for the official regulations by visiting this website.

Sim card

If you want to have phone and Internet access while you’re out and about, it’s easy to pick up a sim card at the airport. They’ll take a copy of your ID, register the sim and even put it in your phone for you to test that it works. This is super helpful because the first one they tried didn’t work on my phone & I was so glad they did a tester before I left!

When to visit

December – March is the best time of year to visit to have you enjoying pleasant temperatures and the least amount of rain. I visited in March & the weather was great the whole time I was there. One suggestion I have is to visit when there is a full moon because every full moon is a Poya Day – a public holiday in Sri Lanka & seeing the locals out celebrating is pretty cool.


The currency in Sri Lanka is the Sri Lankan Rupee and it’s really convenient to get your money out at the Colombo airport because there are bank desks and ATMs before you exit. It’s a good idea to have cash on you for drivers, excursions, souvenirs etc. and all the big towns have ATMs if you need to get more out.

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

Getting around


Several languages are spoken in Sri Lanka though the official languages are Sinhalese and Tamil. English is widely spoken throughout the country.


You just have to go for a Tuk-Tuk ride while you visit! Just be sure to agree on a price for the drive before you start and off you go. On one of my free days I gave a Tuk-Tuk driver a list of places I wanted to see, agreed on a price for the day & he drove me around to all of the places, waiting for me as I visited each site. He even had some local suggestions which was really helpful!

While out exploring the town by myself I did not feel threatened or unsafe at all – check out this post for my guide on safe practices for the solo female traveler.


For longer trips you can hire an air conditioned van to get you from a to b. While I was visiting I used a van to get to & from the airport & for excursions to Galle Fort & Udawalawe National Park. All of these were arranged through the retreat I was staying at (details at the end of the post) & it was a great way to get around quickly & comfortably.


Remember your modesty while you visit, even when you’re in a Tuk-Tuk or on a scooter. Bikinis are fine at the beaches but not so much for the traveling to and from (I made that mistake & am sharing so you don’t have to)! When visiting temples, make sure your shoulders and knees are covered & remember to take your shoes off before entering.

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

Don’t miss these

Udawalawe National Park

Watching elephants wander around with their babies was one of the best experiences I’ve had! A whole herd even walked directly passed the jeep I was in then crossed the road in front of us – it was incredible! You can find out more in this post.

Stilt fisherman

Check out Weligama where, for a little cash, the famous stilt fisherman will get on the stilts and pose for photos with you. It’s a really cool experience & a good way to support the fisherman, who make more money off tips than actual fishing.

Batik Making

Stop by Jez-Look Batiks to learn how authentic Batiks are made and take home a gorgeous, hand made design with you. They are on the pricey side as far as souvenirs go, but very worth it for something unique to hang in your home.


Get a Tuk-Tuk & go temple hopping for a day! I went to GandaraPararvi Duwa & Sri Vishnu Maha Devalaya. They were all very interesting to see & each was a different experience. I got a blessing from the latter two & they all had paintings, statues, floral displays & an area to make a donation. I did not donate at the Sri Vishnu Maha Devalaya because out the front they had 2 elephants living on chains & it was too heartbreaking to watch them swaying in stress for tourists to pat so I could not support it.

Yoga & Surf

Sri Lanka was the perfect place to do some yoga and surfing. I was visiting for a yoga retreat, so I did yoga each day as part of that, though the resort where I stayed held daily yoga classes. They also offered surf lessons which is where I got to try surfing for the first time ever! I never thought I would have so much fun falling off something! Tim was my instructor & he was awesome at teaching a beginner like me.

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

Sri Lanka For The Solo Female Traveler

Where to stay

Talalla Retreat

I stayed at the gorgeous Talalla Retreat and if you’re planning a visit, I recommend checking out more details of the accommodation in this post. Staying there was a huge reason why the trip was as much fun as it was!

Extraordinary Travel Experience in Sri Lanka: Wildlife Safari at Udawalawe National Park


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