long haul travel

My Top Long Haul Travel Tips


Traveling is such a fun, life changing experience, but the part when you are cramped up in the plane for long periods of time is not really the best part is it? For those short trips that are only a few hours long it’s pretty easy to get through but what about the long haul trips where every minute feels…

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Gnome Village

Touring a Magical Gnome Village in Asiago, Italy


I’m so excited to share my first official blog post showcasing a local experience here in Italy! To be honest, I had a few adventures to choose from since moving here and I chose this one because, quite simply, it was just a unique and fun experience. I shared a picture on Instagram recently from my tour but now let’s take…

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Life in Italy First Impressions

Life in Italy – My First Impressions


Ciao from Italy! Before I get started, I want to say a HUGE thank you for baring with my while the blog has been slow due to my current Internet drought. Seriously, the Internet desert is no bueno when you’re trying to create posts! I am hoping that we can get that situation fixed soon so that I can get…

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Living in Hawaii

100 Wonderful Things That Happened to Me While Living in Hawaii


So by now you guys know my story of how I came to live in Hawai’i and that my time in that beautiful paradise has come to an end. When I think about it, I can’t believe I lived there for just over two and a half years – where did the time go? What a big adventure it was though. I…

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Dive for Tako in Hawaii

My Experience Diving With Tako in Hawaii


Tako is the Japanese word for octopus and is commonly used here in Hawaii when referring to these eight legged creatures of the sea. You may also hear the Hawaiian term He’e used but no matter what you call them, these creatures are simply fascinating. 

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Oahu Best Beaches

A Guide to Oahu’s Best Beaches


Of course I need to write a post on the best beaches on Oahu right? I mean, I’ve done the best waterfalls, the best places to swim with turtles and the best free activities so it just seems only fitting for a blog based in Hawaii to have a post on the best beaches. Let me tell you that trying…

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5 Friends You Need in Your Life

5 Friends You Need in Your Life (And 5 You Don’t)


Good friends can make such a huge difference in life. They can encourage you, teach you, support you and provide great company on the ride of life. When I left Australia, I was faced with the challenge of making new friends and to be honest it took a long time to find a group of people that I clicked with.…

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Hawaii Travel Mistakes

Hawaii Travel Mistakes: Things to Avoid When Visiting O’ahu


Congratulations! You have decided to visit Hawaii, or paradise as I like to call it. Everything is booked, you’ve packed everything you need and have some adventures planned so you’re almost ready. All you need to know now is what not to do to ensure your time here is the best it can be. This is exactly why I have…

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