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Off The Beaten Path Oahu

Explore Like A Local With This Off The Beaten Path Oahu Guide

I feel like there is so much to do on the island that it is very hard to condense everything into one post, but here goes. I made this list because I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to get in and experience the beauty of Oahu and I want to share it with others. After all, sharing…

venture hawai'i

Immortalize Your Time In Hawaii – A Photoshoot With Venture Hawaii

Last week I was lucky enough to go on an underwater photoshoot with Tony from Venture Hawaii. You guys have probably heard me mention them in other posts like 10 Must Follow Instagram Accounts or How Living in Hawai’i Changed my Life but I am very glad to say that today I have a whole post dedicated to this inspirational local…

Dive for Tako in Hawaii

Diving With Tako In Hawaii – My Octo-Adventure Experience

Tako is the Japanese word for octopus and is commonly used here in Hawaii when referring to these eight legged creatures of the sea. You may also hear the Hawaiian term He’e used but no matter what you call them, these creatures are simply fascinating. Today I’m sharing about my experience diving with Tako in Hawaii!

Oahu Best Beaches

Oahu’s Best Beaches – Where To Go For The Perfect Beach Day

Of course I need to write a post on the best beaches on Oahu right? I mean, I’ve done the best waterfalls, the best places to swim with turtles and the best free activities so it just seems only fitting for a blog based in Hawaii to have a post on the best beaches. Let me tell you that trying…

Hawaii Travel Mistakes

Hawaii Travel Mistakes: Things To Avoid When Visiting Oahu

Congratulations! You have decided to visit Hawaii, or paradise as I like to call it. Everything is booked, you’ve packed everything you need and have some adventures planned so you’re almost ready. All you need to know now is what not to do to ensure your time here is the best it can be. This is exactly why I have…

Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

Snorkeling Tips And Tricks For Beginners

You guys know by now that I love the ocean and am out snorkeling as much as I can – it really is my happy place and I feel so comfortable and peaceful in the water. I’m always left wondering why Ariel would want to trade her mermaid life for a life on land but I suppose the grass is…

Kalihi Ice Ponds

The Kalihi Ice Ponds – A Hidden Treasure Of Oahu

Hawaii is a land of natural wonder and seems to have it all. There are the crystal clear waters, the sweeping views of ridge hikes, the golden sandy beaches and of course the waterfalls nestled away against the lushest of green scenery. I have never been left speechless so many times in my life but the beauty of these islands…

How Living In Hawaii Changed My Life

Expat Thoughts – How Living In Hawaii Changed My Life

Lately, I have been feeling very reflective. I think it is because I have been organizing my green card renewal documents so I have had to document the last 2 and a half years of living in Hawaii. Looking back over all the photos I printed to submit to the immigration department had me thinking about my time here in…

Deadmans Catwalk

A Look At The Iconic Deadmans Catwalk In Pictures

A different post to usual tonight. Due to the controversial nature of The Deadmans Catwalk, I’m not offering tips or directions to this iconic place. I’m not suggesting whether you need to or even should do this one. Instead, I am simply sharing pictures I took on this iconic hike.