10 lessons learned in the first 2 months of blogging

10 Lessons Learned In My First 2 Months Of Blogging

Well done – you started a blog! Firstly, take a moment to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for taking that first step and venturing into the blogosphere! If you are like me, you didn’t come into this as an expert and may be learning about all that blogging has to offer as you move along in your blog journey. In today’s post I’m sharing 10 lessons learned in my first 2 months of blogging. Whoever and wherever you are whilst reading this, I hope they can be of use to you.

10 Lessons Learned in my First  Two Months of Blogging
If you've started a blog then I'm sure you'll relate to these. Here are 10 lessons learned in my first 2 months of blogging.

It is time consuming!

Be prepared for that. I work full time and began to blog as a hobby on the side, not realizing just how much time you need to invest to help your blog get started (and grow). Writing material, posting Instagram and facebook updates, maintaining your website, pinning on Pinterest and lots of research will all begin to consume your spare time! I have now mastered the skill of pinning as I am walking from place to place, or posting to Instagram as I wait for a meeting to start.

Grow, grow, grow

You will need to focus your efforts on blog exposure and growth to reach success. Social media will be your primary source of exposure. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter are all fantastic ways to get your blog out there. Pin your original content to Pinterest, showcase your photos on Instagram and provide important updates on Facebook – always remembering to link back to your blog. Some good articles on growing your blog with social media include: How I more than doubled my page views by The Budget Mama; How to make your pins go viral by Hello Society and 75 places to share your blog posts by Making Time For Mommy.

There are a gazillion cool blogs out there

During your research and linking, your eyes will be opened to so many new and amazing blogs or pages. There is someone out there writing a blog for just about everything! It‘s so cool how the Internet can connect us like that and allow us to share our insights with others. I am constantly impressed by the talents of others and am always telling my husband stories of bloggers, that I admire.

You don’t need a Macbook to be a blogger

Though you will think that when you are looking at other blogs with the endless product placement for Macbooks. It’s just a trend – you can use whatever you have access to. I don’t have Internet in my house – I know, I know – it is crazy thought to process. So I currently do my blogging at Starbucks in the evenings, accompanied by a Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher of course or at the community library – whatever works for you!

Have goals and dreams

Before you start, write down your dreams, goals and overall vision for the blog. Answer topics like what you want the blog to achieve, who you want to reach, what is the overall purpose etc. Refer to it often to help to keep you on track and aligned with your vision. I did this when I started and find it so helpful to be reminded of the original vision. I remember quite vividly writing them down with a dreamers spirit, and hope in my heart, wanting to start a productive side project. Reading them takes me back to that day every time!

You need to maintain work-life balance

Even part time bloggers like me need to remember this. Take care of yourself and keep your work in check because it is very easy to get addicted to pinning, editing or researching. Always work hard with a fierce, focused mindset but remember that the true richness of life lies outside of work so make sure to no neglect those areas.

It is a great opportunity to learn

Especially in the early days, it is a great time to explore your style and learn more about yourself. Be bold and fearless without hesitation! Stay true to yourself and be open to growing and you learn more and move through your blogging journey. Always write what you feel, you don’t need to stick to one style or one topic. Never stop reading and never stop learning.

One step at a time

I say never stop learning and it is true there is so much to learn about blogging. It only takes a quick Pinterest search to discover that there is no shortage of blogging articles which may leave you overwhelmed very quickly. Don’t sweat it – you are writing a blog not a peer reviewed thesis on curing cancer. Just take it one step at a time. One week focus your efforts on one topic e.g. Search Engine Optimization, then the next focus on a different topic. Click here to follow my Pinterest board on blogging references which I have found helpful.

There is content everywhere

Always be prepared with a pen and paper. I like to keep a notebook with me to quickly write down thoughts on the go before I forget them. Early on I got caught without my notebook and have a brainwave of ideas which I then wrote on napkins while sitting at the beach.

Pinterest will become your new bestie

Seriously. You and Pinterest will be connected at the hip very soon. There is so much information that it is a library of rich knowledge. Firstly, it is a great resource to find information on how to blog. I recently wanted to add an anti-spam plug in on my site and after a quick Pinterest search and some reading of the articles, I had a solution figured out. The same goes for everything blogging! ‘How to this’ or ‘how to that’ can all be answered on Pinterest. And that is just for your researching. It is also a great resource to connect and link up with other bloggers. Don’t be too shy to leave meaningful comments when another blogger posts a fabulous article! Reach out to other bloggers you follow and join the community. If you would like to get connected, follow me here.

Overall, with blogging you have the opportunity to share your voice while connecting with others to hear theirs so as long as you are willing to put the work in, it is quite a cool project to have. I hope you’ve been able to learn something from these 10 lessons learned in my first 2 months of blogging & if you did, please share it with someone else who may find it helpful.

Enjoy the ride!

Katie xo

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