1. That castle is so cool! I love how you can borrow an iPad to learn more! The videos on the wall would way more interesting to me than just reading info. Ill have to save this for future trips!

  2. Awesome! Just had a virtual tour of the castle with your post! Just made note of this place and your post as a must visit when I goto France!

    And your tips for touring the castle and the places to stop by are so helpful. Saves substantial amount of time on the research required! Loved it!!

  3. J’aime la Normandie :-). This imposing medieval castle still dominates the town of Falaise (Falaise means cliff in French !). Did you have time to visit other places such as the amazing cliffs in Etretat or the beautiful city of Honfleur ?

  4. Kelly

    Love this post. This castle looks amazing. I just wish that I had time to explore other parts of France besides Paris. This post inspires to head back. Thank you!!!

  5. To be honest, I’ve never heard of William the Conquerer, but now I’m googling his name and trying to read about his story! I love visiting old castles and trying to imagine what life was like back then. The 3D binoculars seem so interesting because I also have a bit of a hard time imagining everything as it looked before when I’m looking at what it looks like now! I’ll definitely have to make a stop here in the future!

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